New material – MAAD MONIFLEX 24 February 2017

MAAD MONIFLEX consists of transparent insulation sheets. This is a perfect material for any application, where the important role is played by the resistance to moisture and shocks in combination with low weight. For this and other reasons, MAAD MONIFLEX is widely used in transport and construction industries. It is most commonly used in passenger rail vehicles and as the insulation in the shipbuilding industry. In the light of current concerns regarding the environmental protection and the use of natural resources, MAAD MONIFLEX is an obvious choice as the insulation material (among insulation materials).


Moniflex was a traditional choice among the manufacturers of rail wagons, passenger wagons and tram wagons since 1930. Since then, thousands of trains across Europe were built and renewed with Moniflex as the primary insulation.

Moniflex is the only material considered to be the real insulation in the railroad industry. All other insulation materials have their origins in the construction industry, where the weight usually does not matter. With the introduction of high-speed trains, the weigh savings that are possible with Moniflex, have contributed to its popularity.